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The Scrub Haven is owned and operated by Ebony Rollins. Ebony is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Educator who has a passion for caring for others. She started her nursing career as a nursing assistant in 2003 and gained her first degree as a Practical Nurse in 2005. She has dedicated her life to the field of nursing and is now an Associate Professor at a University and the owner of Allegiant Health Institute located in Haines City, Florida. 
Ebony launched The Scrub Haven with all of her colleagues in mind! She wears scrubs to work every day and has sampled every brand that she offers! Her love for nursing and comfortable workwear has found a home at The Scrub Haven! 
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The Scrub Haven only collects data to aid in fulfilling your purchase. We do not sell or lend any information to any other source. Your information is not sold to third parties